Transparency & Ethics

CMP.LY was founded on the belief that transparency and ethics are fundamental to communication, especially on social media. It is a core component of everything that we do and why we’ve ensured that both CommandPost and PowerPost include built-in disclosure solutions.
It’s also one of the underlying reasons why we support the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), an organization that is committed to ethical word of mouth marketing practices. We are active WOMMA members and our CEO Tom Chernaik is a Co-Chair of the Ethics Committee. To learn more about WOMMA, visit

Plain Language Disclosure

As part of our commitment to transparency and ethics, we are big believers in saying what you mean, especially when it comes to disclosure. For disclosure to be effective, it should be made in the message, with the content and presented on its own page – which is why our solutions utilize a framework of layered notices to help you, your employees and your advocates clearly present any type of fine print. Our monitoring solutions go beyond social listening to enable you to check affirmatively for the inclusion and omission of required disclosures.

In 2013, we expanded our disclosure solutions to include plain language URLs.,,,, and (among others) promote clear and conspicuous disclosure in your social media communications, can help you meet a broad range of disclosure needs and are designed to address FTC and other regulatory guidelines and requirements.


Accountability is a core element of successful social initiatives. If you don’t know what is (and isn’t) working with your social media, you can’t drive results.

CommandPost provides accountability through:

  • Direct attribution via API channel monitoring
    • If you’re managing an advocate initiative, you don’t have to rely on self-reporting or manual searching to verify advocate posts.
    • If you’re managing brand channels, you gain access to real-time, and more robust, data
  • Actionable real-time data, including time stamps for likes and other engagement actions
  • Earned media value analysis on your social channels to measure engagement
  • Benchmarking and over-time reporting


Measuring social media influence is more complex than simply tracking the number of followers you have, how many users retweeted your content or even the third-party score of your advocate.

Unlike guessing at attribution through social listening, CommandPost measures seven core metrics of engagement (based on your audiences’ actual interactions across multiple platforms):

  • Content generated
  • Shared content
  • Original audience
  • Audience via shares
  • Impressions generated
  • Impressions via shares
  • Responses

Social Strategy Redefined

The monitoring, measurement and insights that CommandPost provides are unlike anything you’ll have access to via another solution, because we put social data in context. CommandPost ensures that you are able to evaluate initiatives, make informed decisions and build meaningful assets out of your social initiatives.

It’s only when you understand the engagement surrounding your content and platforms, know your audience and optimize and benchmark success that you can plan for the long-term and truly redefine your social strategy.