A Monitoring, Measurement & Insights (MMI) tool for managed social communications

CommandPost generates real-time, actionable insights into the people (who), the content (what) and the platforms (where) that drive your social value.

For Branded Channels

Can you connect the dots between your content & your audience?

By connecting your brand’s channels to CommandPost, you gain the social marketing intelligence you need to know your audience, understand successful content/strategies and demonstrate social ROI.

Use CommandPost to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Gain cross-platform visibility
  • Optimize content & engagement strategies
  • Segment your audience
  • Identify potential advocates
  • Demonstrate social ROI

For Advocate Channels

Do you want to run & measure advocate initiatives at scale?

CommandPost provides a scalable, measurable, transparent solution for your third-party social marketing initiatives – no matter if you’re relying on 100 employees or 1,000+ influencers to share your message.

Using CommandPost for third-party social marketing lets you:

  • Track & measure third-party programs
  • Evaluate best performing advocates
  • Analyze best performing content & platforms
  • Optimize strategies in real time
  • Document & review program activity
  • Efficiently manage advocates & influencers
  • Manage compliance with built-in tools

Disclosure Solutions

Are you looking for a simple way to manage disclosure & compliance?

Our multi-platform disclosure solutions help you, your brand, and your advocates deliver any type of fine print in a structured, layered fashion to ensure every one speaking on your behalf complies with applicable rules and regulations and demonstrates best practices.

Through CommandPost, we provide a structured, scalable system for communicating important legal information on social channels. You can:

  • Comply with policies & regulations
  • Disclose in plain language
  • Make disclosure “clear & conspicuous”
  • Ensure disclosure is presented across all formats
  • Have a standardized & documented process
  • Document best practices

For Personal Channels (beta)

Would you like cross-platform insights on your own social communications?

Use PowerPost to see a unified view of your personal social communications across multiple channels, be transparent and disclose corporate partnerships and better understand the value of your social media posts and engagement.

PowerPost provides:

  • Social activity feed
  • Real-time social analytics
  • Secondary audience metrics
  • Google analytics integration
  • Social disclosures
  • Disclosure banners