What’s In A Name?

Introducing the new CommandPost

Back in 2009, I saw the need for a simple and standardized way to include legal language (disclosures and disclaimers) within space-constrained messages such as tweets and Facebook status updates. The solution that I proposed – CMP.LY – started life as a small side project and has continued to grow from a one-man band to a venture-funded startup on the forefront of social media legal and ethics issues.

As CMP.LY, when developing solutions, we always thought as both lawyers and marketers – ensuring that regulatory needs and transparency were fully addressed in ways that did not diminish the marketing communications that require disclosures.

As we built our technology solutions, we found that we were solving not only legal concerns but, because of our compliance-focused approach, we were able to collect and analyze data in a very unique way that enabled direct attribution, identification of engaged audiences and a deeper understanding of successful content strategies across multiple social media platforms.

In 2013 we announced the launch of a platform – CommandPost – that managed, monitored and measured third-party communications on behalf of a brand (of course with our CMP.LY disclosure tools built-in).

We powered industry-leading efforts, including the Ford Fiesta Movement program where Ford was able to significantly expand the number of influencers from their original program, using multiple channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), measuring those efforts in a complete and scalable manner that had not been possible before.

With the launch of a new Branded Channels application, the decision to rebrand as CommandPost was a natural, obvious next step for us. CommandPost better reflects our transition to creating and building tools that are born of compliance, but provide a deeper understanding of the audiences that are developed and the value that is created from your social media initiatives.

We are excited about the road ahead and we invite you to see our comprehensive new offerings here at www.getcommandpost.com and check out how CommandPost works. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to know more.


Tom Chernaik

CEO, CommandPost